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Garage Opener & Garage Door Repair in Huntley, IL

Check out some of our work in our gallery. Here at True Garage Door, we specialize in garage opener and garage door repair in Huntley, IL, including:
  • Remote Controls
  • Garage Door Opener Sales and Installation
  • Garage Door Installation
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Overhead Door
  • Door Off Track
  • Repaired Hardware
  • Garage Door Restoration
  • Garage Door Replacement
  • Custom Garage Doors
  • Commercial Overhead Doors
  • Residential Garage Door Services
  • Commercial Garage Door Services

Skilled Garage Contracts at Your Service

Keeping the entrance to the storage unit for your vehicle in good working conditions is easy with the help of True Garage Door. By turning to us for garage door repair in Huntley, IL, it can be fixed in no time. Our experienced contractors have the training and tools to resolve all kinds of problems, such as sticking, noisy, and falling doors, broken springs, malfunctioning openers, and more. Our professionals are always ready to complete any garage door repair for you. Hire us today to tackle your project.

Garage Door Restoration

Besides fixing garage doors, we also restore them. Throughout the years, the entrance of your vehicle’s storage unit can start to be affected by repeated use as well as the outdoor elements. This may lead to weathering and fading, which can affect your home’s curb appeal.

If this has happened to your garage’s door, let us restore it. Our professionals have the ability to refinish it so that it looks as good as new. Not only can we rejuvenate the color, but we will make sure the shade matches or complements the look of your home. Contact us today to complete your garage door restoration!

Remote Control Garage Door Installation

Maximize convenience when choosing automated, remote control garage door installation in Illinois. Whether you are coming home from work need to get something quickly from the garage, the remote control can help you access your garage whenever you need it at the press of a button. No more going outside to twist the handle and do it yourself. Leave it to our team to give you the best automated experience.

Garages can do more than just provide storage space or look pretty. By choosing remote-control garage door installation, you'll be adding a little more convenience to your life. Updating your home with modern features like technology is also a great way to increase your property value, whether you are a homeowner or business owner. Curb appeal helps, but when coupled with convenience, you have a winner for sure. Time with our family and doing what's important is what matters most, and although it may not seem like a significant change, garage door automation will save you precious time you could spend doing something else.

Make life easier when you contact us today to learn more about our garage door services.